The tricky balance of social media

I like social media. A lot. Social media makes me laugh, helps me see what faraway friends and family are up to, and gives me glimpses of people and places in which I’m interested. Social media is fun. Heck, I’ve even made real live, in-person friends from social media.

For the first time ever, I’m beginning to feel like I need to shut down or stop using some accounts… well really just my Facebook account. See I just shared a video on Facebook (literally, 30 seconds ago). The video made me laugh so I shared it. I don’t share things often on my page. I post pictures of our adventures or my kids fairly often but rarely do I share a video or link to an article. As soon as I shared this one, it made me stop and feel like I shouldn’t have shared it.  The video is about President Trump and it’s funny and pretty clever but some people are going to see it as some huge political statement. And that’s no fun at all.

See above: “Social media is fun.”

At least it’s supposed to be. I’m okay with it also being a place for people to take a stand or “resist” (which is clearly in the running for the word of the year and we’re only 26 days into 2017). But for me, it’s just fun. I have friends and family from all different walks of life and politics. I like them all – even when I disagree with them. But in today’s world, too many people can’t disagree politely. They get angry. They stop seeing a person and only see them as their opinion on one issue. And frankly, they lose their sense of humor.

So now I’m questioning myself and what other people might think of me because I posted a silly video from the Netherlands that made me laugh when I took a break from writing. My social media is becoming too controversial and too judgmental… and I’m afraid it’s making the world around me too judgmental. That’s not very much fun at all.

P.S. Here’s the video. I hope it makes you laugh.


4 thoughts on “The tricky balance of social media

  1. I agree – social media has been sad to watch lately. My husband has told me many times that social media will be the downfall of society, and he’s pretty dead on right now. I think the video is hilarious, although many people have seemed to lose their sense of humor.

  2. Agreed. I decided over a week ago that I needed a break, mostly from Facebook, but also Twitter and “news” in general. I deleted the apps, and I haven’t missed either at all. I don’t want to filter out all news, but the constant back and forth and just straight up hate coming from so many directions is overwhelming in a lot of ways. I’m sure I’ll get back to Twitter soon, but I think Facebook will have to wait a while longer.

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