It’s time for some gratitude


Instead of concentrating on what I don’t have (you know that stress relief and physically beneficial hard workout), I need to shift my attitude to being grateful. Grateful for…

Good health: While I can’t do a lot of exercise, I’m healthy and that’s a big deal.

A plethora of work: When I started my own business 16+ years ago the work was slow in coming. I now have more than I know what to do with some days.

A loving family: Conversations with my oldest on college visits. Taking my middlest out on her first real drives after she got her permit. Laughing over silliness with my youngest. Wine & conversation with my husband while I cook dinner.

But those are big picture things. Good things to be sure, but let’s look harder. What am I grateful for TODAY?

Bright sunshine (it’s been a gloomy winter)

A great book to read

Birthday money that I’m savoring and spending on treats as I find them. This week that meant a new pair of LuLaRoe leggings and the piano sheet music for La La Land.

A new book of Catholic devotions… Something I’ve never done before but have made a nightly habit since January 1 and I think it’s really making a positive impact.

Happy Friday Internet. Here’s hoping for more positive than negative. More love than hate. Greater empathy and a good glass of wine.


One thought on “It’s time for some gratitude

  1. Tell me about your Catholic devotions book.
    PS – Amara sang the psalm this Sunday and it was a tough one and she only had the opportunity to practice with me (not the choir) and she KILLED it. Best ever. I was so proud. So I’m grateful for her brave heart!

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