The egg project

Both of my girls are taking Psychology and as part of a unit on human development, their teacher is having them carry around an egg for a week. That egg (hard-boiled) is supposed to represent their child. It is to be with them at all times. If they have work or practice it is supposed to be babysat. They carry it all around school and the teacher marks off points if the egg is cracked or not with them.

I understand the goal of this lesson but let me tell you something… it is one stinky project. By the end of the day those hard boiled eggs STINK. That means that the girls are going through an egg a day. Eggs aren’t exactly expensive but it’s killing me how wasteful this project is. That’s perfectly good food and it’s just being tossed in the trash every single day. Plus they are carrying it around in a tupperware… I never put my baby in a tupperware I can promise you that.


So the egg “ages” each day and in the past day two funny things happened that have made me laugh. Laughing is good so I’ll share these stories.

Yesterday I picked up my daughter after jazz band and asked about her day. She grouchily tossed the container holding her egg into the car and said

  • “I hate this stupid egg. Seriously hate it!”
  • My response: “That’s not a very nice way to talk about your precious baby.”
  • E: “It’s not a baby any more; today it’s in middle school.”
  • Me: “Oh… no wonder you don’t like it. I didn’t like you all the time when you were in middle school either.”

This morning J was asking E about this egg project, what she is going to do with the egg over the weekend etc. He asked how old the egg is and she replied that today it’s 18. His idea for a weekend adventure: sky diving!

  • J: “I’ve always wanted to do an egg drop! Let’s build a container and try it off a tall ladder!”
  • E: “I can’t let my child go sky diving!”
  • J: “That thing is 18, it can do whatever it wants now.”

I’m not sure these are the lessons they are supposed to be gaining from this stinky, wasteful experiment. But it is proving to be very amusing. I’m also now curious as to what kind of uncle J is going to be someday….


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