It’s time to find all my left shoes

Over the past 10 days I’ve been gradually weaning myself out of that obnoxious walking boot. I started a new physical therapy plan last week and had my first PT workout today. I can ride a bike (without high resistance or up hills but since it’s too cold to ride outside that’s not a concern). AND I can go out for walks again! Not quite as fast as my normal workout walking pace but still… I can walk OUTSIDE for a workout.

Can you see my smile in these words?

I walked today for 1.5 miles at the fairgrounds before my PT appointment. It’s a little hilly there and the PT very kindly suggested I back off and start on nice flat surfaces like the bike trail. I mentioned that I’d like to go hiking on the dunes this weekend. He again very kindly said that was a recipe for hurting myself and suggested a nearby park that has a nice trail around a small lake. I like this guy already – he’s not super negativeĀ about his restrictions. Instead of just telling me no, he asked me questions about where I like to hike and why and then kindly redirected me to something more appropriate. I’m like a 3 year old always asking to do something that’s beyond my capabilities and he’s like the really nice parent who instead of saying no, just steers me in a different direction.

I’ll keep up the optimism of a three year old for now. It’s been a while since I had reason to be optimistic.


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