Lenten Graces: Week Two

It was a dreary week. Gray skies. Lots of rain. Discouraging progress with the Achilles recovery. Bad sleep sort of week.

Precisely the sort of week that deserves being reviewed for graces…

A surprise at faith sharing: For 5 or 6 years now I’ve been part of a small faith-sharing group during Lent. We meet weekly, break down the coming Sunday’s Gospel and use a guide to help us consider related points. This week one of our discussion questions was where we’ve been inspired by faith. I was literally brought to tears when one person across the table said they were inspired by my daughter… and then to have others around the table nodding and chiming in with their agreement. I’m in awe and feel privileged to witness her faith but to have someone else express that was a wow moment.

A request received: Last week I went a little outside my comfort zone to ask a friend to participate in a faith-based book study during Lent. She’s a friend I don’t see nearly as often as I’d like so I was hoping this would give us a reason to reach out and talk/text/share. This week I found myself sitting in my car, waiting for my son to leave practice and grinning from ear to ear as my friend & I texted back and forth about the first chapter.

A walk to the beach: I decided to try and push my Achilles just a bit this week and was so happy to see it respond in pretty decent fashion. I’ve been discouraged with my recovery (though my PT says I’m doing great) and this little half mile walk was a big spot of hope.

Family visits: Last Saturday we spent the day in Indy playing at the Children’s Museum with my sister’s and brother’s families. This Saturday we spent another day in Indy with my brother’s family listening to my daughter perform at a state music competition. I’m very grateful for the graces in my sibling relationships.

I’m ready to put this week behind me. Shake off the doldrums and move forward into week three of Lent.

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