things I hear

As I sit here at my desk, a position to which I’ve been stuck more often than usual these past few weeks, I notice that I’m eavesdropping a bit more. Sometimes I talk about the things I see – today I’m talking about things I’ve heard.

Things I did NOT like to hear:

  • The dryer making a distinctly NOT working hum instead of its normal happily drying, tumble
  • Children calling each other names
  • Butler losing the final game, again
  • Texas A&M pulling out the win against Notre Dame
  • The mean bark of a pitbull coming after us on our run

Things I did like to hear:

  • Sounds of children playing outside
  • It’s sundown on Saturday night
  • Yes, we’re cutting the check on that invoice… from January
  • Children whispering to each other about their plans to make signs for me to cheer me on at my marathon
  • A friend who said she is planning to run 8-10 miles by my side at my marathon and another who said she’s training to run 15 with me. Those brought tears to my eyes.
  • My 6yo reading more and more smoothly
  • The dryer’s warm, far more efficient, working tumble

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