Race Reports

In 2009 I decided to try a local 5k. I wasn’t a runner, I was just looking for a way to mix up my workouts. Just one year later, I ran a half-marathon. I’m not exceptionally good or fast but I make up for all that in determination. So, it’s taken me a while to admit it – but here it is: I am a runner.

There are days where I’m missing my mojo. Days where three miles is a struggle and I wonder how I ever ran a marathon. For those days, I’m pulling together this list of my race reports. To remind me that I really can accomplish physical challenges. If it helps motivate you on those bad run days – all the better.

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Marathon #2 was full of joy!

Hero Half Marathon A beautiful fall race and half marathon #9 for me as part of a strong 20 mile training run.

Kicking off summer at Sunburst of course!

Crown Fest 5K Starting off the racing season with a fun, local race.

Indy Monumental Half Marathon The race I decided to run by feel and my body surprised me by feeling like a big PR.

Tri Indy: Olympic Triathlon I never thought I’d say this but I am an Olympic Triathlete.

Valpo Tri 2013: a warm-up for the upcoming Olympic Tri.

Sunburst 2013: 5K My fifth year in a row running at Sunburst!

Kentucky Derby Festival MiniMarathon Helping my sister cross the finish of her first half-marathon.

Carmel Marathon: Marathon Relay Running as part of a team is a very, very fun challenge. And I couldn’t ask for a better group of teammates.

Get Lucky Half Marathon in Chicago My slowest half and perhaps my smartest.

Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon My fall half marathon and Coast to Coast Challenge Race.

Hot Chocolate 15K My third and probably final go at this race

Habitat for Humanity 5K A 5K PR I never thought I’d see.

Indy Women’s Half Marathon Fun course on a very (VERY) humid day

Sunburst 2012: It’s been a while since I raced a 5K, this one was fun!

Chicago Spring Half Marathon *PR Alert* I finally break 2:30.

Taltree 10: 10 miles of punishing hills, muddy trails and loads of fun!

The Inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon My first Run Disney event and I hope not my last. The most fun I’ve ever had running 13 miles!

Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago, new course – no sprained ankle – much more fun!

Tri The Creek #2 A triathlon PR by 16 minutes!

My first team triathlon. There are always lessons in these events. The lesson here? Relay teams are fun!

My first marathon. It remains to be seen if this will be my only marathon.

A reflection on the year I started running.

My first 15K. The race with the sprained ankle.

Mackinac Island’s Great Turtle Run The fall race I’d love to do every year.

My second triathlon. AKA let’s go swimming outside when it’s only 40 degrees out!

My first triathlon. A goal I never even thought would be a goal. And then… then I was hooked.

My first half marathon. That never would have happened without a fine group of equally crazy ladies.

My first 5K. Me? Run a race? Ha!

Wonder what I’ll add next…. 🙂

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