A post of grace

I’ve said it before and I’m sure in the next couple of weeks I’ll say it again: I’m tired. Huge work project + regular work + refinishing the basement + three busy kids = exhaustion. I knew this three month span was going to be rough but I had no idea the toll it would take. I sort of feel like a zombie. A zombie with very dirty bathrooms… but would a zombie really care about the state of her bathrooms?

So I’m taking my 10 minute writing window (that’s about all I give myself these days) and I’m going to try to focus on small moments of grace. It’s a nice boost to reflect on the moments in life that show us there’s something far better than clean bathrooms at work:

  • sunny afternoons
  • my youngest making his First Confession
  • the smile on my middle child’s face as she works through her dance routine
  • an NCAA tournament win for my Hoosiers (that’s been a long time coming)
  • Cadbury eggs both large and small
  • the chance to take my oldest to see and hold her cousin who will be born this morning

I will be slogging away at this project for at least two more weeks. But hopefully I can stop every once in a while to appreciate the moments of grace that are swirling all around me. I hope you can too.


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