you know it’s rained too much when…

You wake up in the morning to two ducks on your front sidewalk and you don’t live on the water. (true story, just shooed them away a few minutes ago)

You go for a run in 30mph wind gusts because it’s NOT raining. And then it starts raining directly in your face for the last two miles – and you still enjoyed the run because it wasn’t raining the whole time.

Your kids see a rare glimpse of sunshine and dash to play outside – then have to come back in 2.5 minutes later when it starts raining again.

Your daughter’s first three track meets have all been cancelled.

You have no idea where your sunglasses are – and it doesn’t matter.

You become obsessed with and wonder if there will be a break in the clouds any time between now and your marathon that is five weeks away.


One thought on “you know it’s rained too much when…

  1. My boys are really tired of not having baseball practice. My youngest cried the last time practice was canceled. Tomorrow’s practice is not looking so promising either…. More Cadbury Eggs!!!

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