I haven’t failed after all

There are many times where I look at my youngest and feel like I’ve failed him. I did so many things for his sisters and by the time he came around those sisters put demands on my time that made it hard to do those things for him.

I had stacks of tapes and CDs filled with kid’s music that taught rhymes and ABC’s and counting. I used to sing them and dance with the girls over & over. J got none of that.

I used to have a letter of the week for the girls. We’d shop for things that started with our letter, practice writing the letter, look for words in the newspaper and make crafts with the letter. J got very little of that – I think I tried for a summer but I’m not sure we got past the letter D.

The girls spent their preschool years watching Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues and Dora the Explorer and Clifford the Big Red Dog. J rarely got to pick a show that he wanted to watch at that age.

Poor J has eaten many a meal at one of his sister’s activities. His nap times were cut short because we had to pick someone up from school. His choices are sometimes limited because he’s competing with two older siblings – who sometimes band together in a strong show of sisterly unity.

And then yesterday happened… J learned how to ride his bike.

He’s the first kid in the house who learned how to ride his bike before first grade! I finally taught someone to ride a bike!

Watching him tool around the neighborhood yesterday with his wobbly front wheel occasionally veering into the grass made me so happy. I haven’t failed him after all!

2 thoughts on “I haven’t failed after all

  1. This is soooo awesome. My kids like to take a long time to learn this too and I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. JJ told me that he is going to stop riding bikes when he is too big for his bike that has training wheels…..I think I will send him to your house 🙂

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