Grace in Small Things: Summer is Almost Over Edition

This week has whizzed by – just like in many ways our summer. We’ve been busy and I’m planning to keep things hopping all the way until school starts next week. In the midst of all that activity though I’d like to pause for a minute and notice the moments of grace that are truly gifts. You’ve got some too – take a minute yourself and you’ll find them. To quote one of my favorite homilies heard from a priest years ago: “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.”

  • The sight of my son going on a “baby ride” with his 3yo cousin when he so obviously didn’t want to. He even held her hand. She had the biggest grin on her face – he had the biggest scowl (but didn’t let her see it).
  • All three kids running around together, abandoning all normal pretenses of what’s cool and just having a blast… together.
  • The sight of swim suit tan lines on the backs of my children.
  • A sister who still likes to play with me – even when it requires driving two hours to do it.
  • A long, healthy (both mentally & physically) walk with a friend.
  • Taking the kids to a place where they were inches away from the bones of a very (very) large whale. A new perspective with a little bit of awe tossed in – that’s a good day trip.
  • A dinner out with a very full table that didn’t involve french fries or children. I love my friends.

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things: Summer is Almost Over Edition

  1. The last is my favorite small grace. I never go out with friends until after the kids are in bed, but it’s such a beautiful blessing to catch a late dinner with no sippy cups and no kids menus.

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