a little Friday Q&A

When you have children your days are often filled with questions. Questions like these…

When is it going to snow?
I don’t know. I agree, it’s easier to get in the Christmas spirit when there are big fluffy snowflakes involved but I don’t see them in the forecast so I have no idea when we’ll see some.

why do you have such big circles under your eyes?
It’s part of my December look. And this year I’ve gotten a bit of a head start on the whole not sleeping and starting to freak out about when I’m going to get everything done around here.

Will you take me to the mall?
Hahahahahahahah. No. No way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks. No way am I going to the mall in the month of December. (okay fine, I’ll have to go to at least one store in that place to pick up some presents but I’m going on a weekday morning.)

Do I really have to go to practice?
Yes. Stop complaining.

Can I watch a Christmas movie?
Sure, as soon as you finish your chores.
Yes, chores still have to be done in December.
….Don’t look at me like that – Santa is watching you know!

Why do you have to make this stuff for dinner?
By this stuff I assume you mean the healthy, well-balanced meals I take time to plan and prepare? I’ve got some nerve don’t I??

I’m cold. Why is it so cold in this house?
It’s December. It’s supposed to be cold. Perhaps it is time to stop wearing short sleeve t-shirts.

Why are you running so much
It seems like my Tinkerbell half is so far away. In reality it is eight weeks away. In running terms, that’s really not very long at all. It makes me tired just looking at my schedule and wondering how I’m going to get in some of these runs between Christmas obligations, gift wrapping, cookie baking and December weather.

It’s time to brace myself for another day of questions. Some of which will be screaming from my brain as I head out on my run. Others will be hollered at my from the top of the stairs as the kids get ready for school. And still others will be nagging at me as I try to fall asleep tonight. Ah, December you have so many, many gifts.


3 thoughts on “a little Friday Q&A

  1. Ahh, the undereye question. I once had a student ask me if I was sick. I said no and he replied, Oh, because you have dark circles under your eyes. That weekend, I went to the Laura Mercier counter and spent a million dollars on undereye concealer.
    My four year old is a huge fan of: Why is your stomach so squishy? Why does your bellybutton look funny? The answer to both is: Because you weighed nine pounds. THANKS.

  2. And why hasn’t it snowed?? This is supposed to be such a rough winter…but where is the snow already?

    And the “why is it so cold in here” question is asked a lot at my house and my answer is usually something about the fact that they don’t have jobs to help pay for the heating bills, but lucky for them I have purchased them plenty of sweatshirts and sweaters and socks and slippers….

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