A night time adventure

I’ve been packing in the adventures these last few weeks of summer. It’s not so good for my work productivity or a clean house but it’s building lots of fun memories and I’m soaking up as much time with those kids as I can. (Plus when I take them out of the house they fight less – it’s a serious added bonus.)

We are members of a local arboretum and when they sent an email about a new event they were trying: Glow in the Dark Adventure, I knew we’d have to give it a try. You can tell it’s their first year doing it but I bet they keep it up because it was really fun. We followed a specially lit trail to start our fun:


We went on a night hike and saw bats, listened to the deafening sounds of bugs when you’re surrounded by them, discovered that wintergreen lifesavers spark in your mouth when you chew them and tried to look at the moon through some telescopes (it was a little cloudy for that part). We wanted to go on an excursion to the back of the park to see different species of moths but the golf cart broke down (bummer). We wandered around their outdoor concert green and saw some cool art geared especially for night displays while listening to a band play.


It was a fun way to see a place that we normally only get to experience in the daytime. And I got to spend a couple of hours with two of my kids when they weren’t attached to an electronic device. Win-win.


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