Grace in Small Things: A summer list

Now that the first full of week of school is finished – and a long holiday weekend is here so we can pretend it’s summer for a few more days – I decided to take some time to look back for the moments of grace that made summer good. Things for which I tried to be thankful in the moment, but if I wasn’t… I’m raising them up in thanks now.

A Seasonal List of Grace in Small Things

  • The feel of sand beneath my feet while listening to kids splashing in the waves.
  • The strength built from weeks of hard work.
  • Jumping in a pool on a hot day.
  • The sight of a slightly red-faced, sweaty boy with a look of pure joy as he plays the day away.
  • Watching the ever-doubtful child ride off on her bike for the first time.
  • Listening to the oldest as she talked and dreamed as only a teenager can.
  • That I only forgot a kid one time in all the rushing to and fro this summer.
  • Sitting on the deck with a good book.
  • Memories built by taking my kids away from home for short but oh-so-sweet adventures.
  • Hikes on cool, shady trails.
  • Beautiful sunsets.

Have anything to add to the list?

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