Lent Graces: week one

As a firm believer in the benefits of consciously being grateful, I’m going to add a post of small graces to my weekly Lenten obligations. I’ve done this before and while gratitude is part of my regular prayer life, I think it’s good to write them down… to mark the moments and look back on them later when needed.

Where have I found grace this week?

  • In a new kid who came to youth group this week at the invitation of someone else. He came up to me afterwards to ask when the next meeting is scheduled because he really liked the night. A night with a good balance of focused Lent reflection, laughter and conversation.
  • In the ability to get up to my Lake a few weeks in a row now. This Achilles recovery is keeping me from hiking but it’s so worth the drive to stand on the shore and experience the changing Lake on a regular basis.
  • A new book study for Lent that has already changed the way I’m seeing life.

I don’t know what it is but I’m so ready for this Lent… for the opportunity to think about my priorities and change/grow for the better.

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