file this one under: things I never suspected

I’m a singing parent.

Yup, it’s true – I sing to my children all the time. I sing special good night songs to each one of them that I made up when they were born (literally, made them up while at the hospital). I sing songs to wake them up. I sing songs with random words to tunes that are stuck in my head – lately they’ve been hearing lots of silly variations on Forget You by CeeLo.

Sometimes my singing brings laughter, sometimes it brings a little hand placed upon my mouth. Sometimes my singing defuses a situation, sometimes it causes covers to be thrown over heads. But I keep singing & singing. I sing silly songs to Christmas music even in the summer. I sing songs about legos, about teeth brushing, about homework. I sing about cleaning up, about getting dressed, about getting in the car. I sing songs all the time that are completely fabricated and probably totally off-tune.

I am not a singer. This is no special talent of mine finding ways to shine. In fact, I have absolutely no idea why I sing to my children. I certainly don’t sing to anyone else. I don’t sing anywhere else either (well except church). I don’t know why I sing, but I do. Hopefully my children will have somewhat fond memories of this silliness. Otherwise, they’ll probably use it as evidence when they want to have me committed.


One thought on “file this one under: things I never suspected

  1. I do this too( I think every mom probably does) my kids love it when we are in the kitchen dancing and singing using wisks as microphones. My dad laughs and I said, here is what I think, I hope that when they get older and have kids of thier own someday that when a certain song comes on the radio they will say “KIDS! grandma used to dance around the kitchen dancing and singing with us to this song!” and then proceed to do the same thing with them. it is a nice memory to make and to pass on I think. And its fun to keep them on their toes. ;0

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