the language of teenagers

I have a problem that has been sneaking in over the past few months and I think I’ve figured it out. When a teenager says yes or no to something it really means the opposite:

  • Did you borrow my headphones? “No I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Fast forward one month, headphones are found attached to same child’s ipod.
  • Did you write your thank you notes? “Yes.” Fast forward to time to leave for a party, “Oh THOSE thank you notes? No those aren’t done yet.”
  • Did you do you chores? “Yes.” Mom walks over and writes name in the dust on the hutch.

This is running rival with my other favorite response of hers “later.” When are you going to do your homework? “later” When are you going to pay me back for all those Christmas gifts you bought for your friends? “later” When are you going to put away the clothes that so artfully decorate the floor by your bed? “later” Oddly enough, later rarely ever happens.

What I’m discovering is that raising a teenager requires learning a whole new language. I think I preferred learning toddler-ese. At least then she would climb on my lap to give me cute hugs. And if I didn’t understand her I could just smile and nod and she’d smile and we’d all be happy. There’s not nearly as much smiling going on in this stage.


2 thoughts on “the language of teenagers

  1. So far, in Munchie’s nearly 7 years I’ve enjoyed every stage and somehow every stage keeps getting better. But I’m pretty sure we’ll reach that point where it’s NOT more fun than it used to be. Not looking forward to that.

    Good luck with the translations!!

  2. Seven years of teaching teenagers has left me absolutely frightened of the day that I will have teenagers living in my house. I may need to start looking into boarding school.

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